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Wave Project posters

Various posters designed for The Wave Project.
Summer Surf Challenge poster – Summer Surf Challenge is a weekend of free surfing for people with disabilities. When researching disability events, the majority of the branding I found seemed to scream disability and downplayed the focus of the event. I wanted to do the opposite of this and make it look like a cool surfing event for people with disabilities.
Paddle Out LOUD poster – Paddle Out LOUD is a 5 mile paddle in fluorescent fancy dress on a watercraft of your choice. This poster was initially fully illustrative to show all of these paddle sports and printed on fluorescent paper. The client wanted some pictures of their previous events on there, so I tried to combine both the illustrations, the photos and neon elements.
Surf mentor poster – This poster is to advertise for volunteers willing to get in the water with young people. The previous poster that the client had for this purpose didn’t explain clearly what the volunteers would be doing, it just said ‘volunteer with us’ so I have tried to make it a lot clearer.

summer surf challenge poster
paddle out loud poster
Volunteer surf mentor poster