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Precision Brief

Brief: You are asked to research into a selected word or phrase and then produce a piece of work which communicates aspects of the concept to an audience of your choosing. The outcome of the study should be an in-depth response to the concept.

Response: My selected word was ‘precision’. My thoughts immediately related to science, engineering and mathematics, and it started to seem like precision was almost artificial. I then started investigating precision in nature and the human body, which excited me as this was very far from my original ideas and not what I initially associated precision with. Something that really interested me about the human body was that, (unlike mathematical problems or engineering) no two bodies are ever the same, yet each body will still be balanced in accordance with itself and work from the same base pattern.
This project explores measurements using the human body. Although there are names for different measurements using the body, the measurements will differ from person to person. Does this therefore make void them completely and make them inaccurate, because we are obsessed with making everything precise and in line, or does this complication have no importance? Hopefully this project will have made you think, and learn a few unconventional definitions about your body that you may not have known before.