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Kill Your Darlings Cut-Up Exhibition WINNER

Brief:  Experiment with the cut-up technique as an alternative approach to the meaning-making process and to reconfigure your creative relationship with your ‘Darlings’ whoever they are, and to produce an original Cut Up.

Response: “An Appetite for Desire” I explored the concept of desire and missed opportunity and the pressure that we feel to become successful and how this can become overwhelming, and that time is ticking away for us to achieve our goals.
Desire is in our eyes, so if I remove them will it still be present? What does it take to destroy this? What does it take to kill my darlings?

Kill Your Darlings Cut Up Exhibition appetite for desire
Kill Your Darlings Cut Up Exhibition Daniel Radcliffe

The exhibition was projected at the following locations:
Waterloo Station
Palace Theatre (Shaftesbury Avenue)
Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
Gerrard Street, China Town
Shoreditch High Street Station
Curtain Road
Brick Lane
Camden Town Station
Camden Stables
Inverness Street